How to become a Reiki master in just 48 hours


If you’re struggling to learn the ancient art of Reiki you must read this.


You see, believe it or not a middle aged construction worker has discovered the secret to learning Reiki in just two days


This guy’s name is Owen Coleman.


When he first heard about Reiki he had excruciating pain in his lower back.


He tried everything from pain killers to special exercise routines.


When his wife suggested he try alternative medicine he rolled his eyes.


But two days later he found himself at a Reiki centre…


And when he lay down on the mat something incredible happened.


Within just a few minutes all pain, stress and tension left his body.


He felt better than he had in years and his back pain and was completely gone.


This experience sparked a lifetime obsession with Reiki. But after spending thousands on training he still couldn’t figure it out.


No matter what he couldn’t replicate the healing powers which changed his life.


But then he discovered why.


It’s got to do with the history of Reiki. After the founder of Reiki died his followers became more concerned with making money than healing people.


This is why so many people struggle.


Because the methods being taught are FAKE.


But the truth is that ANYONE can master Reiki.


Every human being possess the healing life force within them.


And there’s NO reason why you should pay to use it.


All you have to do is learn how to channel this life force energy and you can use it to heal your family, friends or yourself.


Once Owen learned this secret he was able to go out and heal people right away.


He cured skin problems, digestive disorders, arthritis, depression anxiety and much, much more.


Don’t let anyone tell you Reiki is hard to learn.


Within two days you can also perform healing miracles.


And to help you get started Owen has created a home study course he calls “Pure Reiki Healing Mastery.”


In this course you’ll learn how to heal yourself and others plus boost their self-confidence, self-esteem and self-control. You also see how to multiply your power and boost your results with rapid Reiki, group Reiki and even remote Reiki.


Imagine being able to do this within 48 hours.


This and more is possible with Owen Coleman’s home study course.


It comes with step by step training manual plus videos.


You’ll love the feeling of deep relaxation produced by Reiki.


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